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Premium Band Package

On Tour? Playing a bigger venue than usual? Looking to improve your performance? As a band, you need professional PA equipment in order to ensure your sound is bigger and brighter. Suitable for up to 300 people, we have a complete Band Package available which includes four JBL-PRO front house speakers, two Mackie monitors, a DBX Driverack PA+ for equalization, compression and feedback elimination, and a Mackie DFX-12 mixer. Not to mention the best vocal and instrument mics in town, the Shure SM58 Beta and Shure SM57.

Package Includes:
Two JBL-PRO PRX535 Speakers and Stands (650W each)
Two JBL-PRO PRX518s Subwoofers (500W each)
Two Mackie SRM450 Speakers to be used as monitors (450W) each)
One DBX Driverack PA+ Graphic Equalizer, Compressor, Feedback Eliminator, Limiter
One Mackie DFX-12, 12-Channel Mixer with built in effects and monitor control
One Shure SM58 Beta Vocal Microphone and Microphone Stand
One Shure SM57 Instrument Microphone and Microphone Stand

$699.00 / Overnight
$999.00 / Two Nights (consecutive)
$1299.00 / Four Nights (consecutive)

Extra: Additional mics are available. If you require a sound technician (who keeps your levels right during your performance) we can supply one for an additional $150.

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